Our School Holiday programmes provide an opportunity for kids and teens to learn about and make artworks in a fun and inspiring atmosphere. Morning and afternoon classes are available for 5-10 and 11+. The three hour sessions explore a range of artists and media and processes with all students completing beautiful pieces of art to bring home.



Running after school and on Saturdays these classes allow students to take an in depth look at specific artists, themes and art making processes. Each class works on developing students understanding of art and art making practice and courses are available focusing on a range of themes and methods including drawing, mixed media, painting, printmaking and new technologies (digital photography and Photoshop) An exhibition of student work will be held twice a year.



We provide daytime, evening and Sunday programmes for Adults which focus on developing understanding of specific media and techniques, picture making and the ideas that underlie contemporary art practice. Based on individuated learning these courses take place in a relaxed environment and are suitable for a range of abilities from beginners to more experienced students. All courses begin with a whole class programme and then enable students to develop an individual focus and theme. Students will develop and build upon a series of works throughout the eight week duration. An exhibition of student work will be held twice a year.



Our popular Artist workshops provide unique opportunities to engage with established New Zealand Artists and gain insight into their ideas and methods. These small group workshops follow a structured format allowing participants to develop their skills and understanding. As well as producing beautiful work to keep students complete the course with new found knowledge and inspiration.



Artsight's Art workshops offer an inspiring and innovative alternative to conventional teambuilding experiences.These workshops will challenge and engage your colleagues in an environment that encourages and develops creative thinking and skills.Workshops are facilitated by an experienced Visual Arts teacher and practising artist.



We offer outstanding Professional Development workshops catering to primary and secondary Visual Arts teachers. Facilitated by top practitioners these workshops focus on technical and conceptual aspects of contemporary visual arts practice. They are offered across a range of fields including painting, printmaking, photography and design.